Played through a 2203 JCM800 half stack last night at an audition..

Bob Zaod

Rock Star
Matching cab and all that. Completely confirmed for me just how dead on the MX5 version of the same amp is. I was going from memory before but
last night sealed it. I'd even venture to say the MX5 model is a little more dynamic than the real thing. When we took a break, I switched over to direct to PA with my MX5 and used my main Marshall patch and it was impressive how exact it was. Not just to me, the rest of that band too. So it was cool to have an opportunity to compare them back to back even though I had no intention of doing so. Drummer told me the other day "We got some Marshall thing all set up you can use". LOL

A little OT but they offered me the gig about 4 songs in LOL but I am going to think on it. Good players but not really wanting to work but a few times a year. Was hoping to add 1 more gig a month to my schedule.