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No, I didn't buy a new paedo. I bought a new PEDAL.

Sounds pretty great boosting my Diezel D-Moll. Not tried it with my other amps yet.

I heard once that Adam Jones used one of these into his Marshall head for the 'Undertow' sound. Don't know how true that is.
Used to be Zakk Wylde’s dirt pedal of choice before the MXR sig stuff, too.
Great buy. I like the sd1 eq curve (the standard mode, like the old ones) and always preferred it over the typical TS thing. Also works great as a clean enhancement pedal (low drive).
I was gonna take it to a bunch of gigs and throw it at any guitarist wearing a cowboy hate. I live in London. They're f*****g everywhere.
And just what is a cowboy hate? Oh wait. Nevermind. I thought it was some type of UK slang...

Edit: When I first read 'cowboy hate', I did think of Bruce.
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Always love the SD1 into a Marshall-type amp (or Marshall-y Mesa). It’s my go-to mid-boost OD in both the FM9 and Helix.

My main real OD is an MXR CBMOD, which is basically an SD1 with low-end EQ options.

What’s Waza about the Waza one?
love it in the Helix use it often
currently in front of the pillars and into 2204 Mod
its a real live wire ! :guiness
Fuck yeah

I've wanted to compare one of these to my Keeley SD-1 to see how close they are. The Keeley is my favorite boost for modern metal and one of my lifer pedals
First time I heard an SD-1, the guitarist in my band picked one up to replace his DS-1. Unfortunately he was using a crappy clean solid state amp so it just went from buzzy and harsh to a crappy overdriven signal mixed with clean.

Then a few years later I picked one up and tried boosting the crunch channel of a Marshall DSL100, and totally got it. Instead of the buzzy sounding overdrive channel, it was that kick ass boosted Marshall rock tone.