NGD, The Agony Of Acclimation Time


TGF Recording Artist
I traded my two synths for this guitar with a member of that other gear site. It was shipped from 85 degree sunny Florida to me in 35 degree dreary New Jersey. As such I'm letting acclimate to room temperature for a day. What's in the box you ask? Well since I can't yet open it, I'm going to share my self imposed torture on you guys and let you guess until tomorrow.

Hint, it's not a baritone.

I think I can can narrow down the intrigue to the following choices:

"Gibson LP, Gibson Explorer, PRS S2 models or above (no SE models), EVH Wolfgang Special, Rivolta Combinata with Les Trem bridge, Duesenberg Paloma, Fender American Tele (no partscasters), Fender Aerodyne HSS Strat, Reverend Greg Koch Gristlemaster, modern style baritone (ESP and such)"

And discard these:
"Not interested in Indonesian builds, classic style strats, slanted frets, 7 or more strings, Gibson SG or Flying V, heavy relics, nothing too pointy"

Played it for 30-40 minutes. It's awesome!!! Really solid.

Except, it has a mild perfume smell. Not a manly like musk cologne, but an old lady fragrance from the 60s. I'm a bit sensitive to perfumes. They make me gag. So, the after opening the box and letting it air out acclimation now continues...