New Megadeth

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be singing the praises of a new Megadeth album, I'd have laughed.

I was wrong. This is good.
I thought Dystopia was great. Before that; I was last on board with The System Has Failed. The Drovers were a terrible fit, as was Chris "The Robot" Broderick (though it kind of wasn't any of their faults). Not to mention Al Pitrelli. Kiko is phenomenal as is Dirk. And really Lomenzo is great too.
Best Korn groove ever. Get past the filter section into the stomp riff \m/
Best Korn groove ever. Get past the filter section into the stomp riff \m/

There are some pretty mean riffs on that album. The first album got played out pretty quick in my circles growing up, but I think Untouchables is pretty badass from top to bottom.

It‘s always the same when I listen to Megadeth. I really, really like what I hear until the vocals kick in. Seriously, how on earth can anyone like his singing? It‘s a shame because instrumentally a lot of their stuff is really awesome. This song has some killer riffs, too.
It's pretty killer. Though I will admit I never thought I'd see the line "a pocket full of posies" in a metal song.
It has origins in some pretty metal shite

"Ring around the Rosie meant the itchy rash around the infected sore of a person sick with the plague.

Pocket full of posies were the flower pedals that plague doctors showered upon their deceased patients, which also helped to ward off their odor.

Ashes, ashes meant the cremated remains of the deceased."

First listen of this was solid. Though it has a very distinct pasted together vibe to it. On a songwriting level. Transitions and breaks are kind of non-existent. Dave vocal is a bit removed from the music as well. Not sure if it's a production issue or just his approach. I'm going to give it a few more spins but I'd say I like Dystopia more.