New band with Rick Hunolt (Exodus) and Sal from Type O.


Been waiting for this one for quite some time. Mainly because Rick Hunolt is really an unsung guitar hero in my book.

This song is long and has some meandering in it (but I actually think it works for them). It's a weird mix of alt-rock and doomy without being doom and some slight industrial production tinges. Dude's voice is kind of Cornell-ish but when he goes hard he does it right. Excellent roar in that chorus.

Hunolt is very understated in this particular track; but as a song; it's super catchy and doomy as well. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. I will be interested to see how their more straightforward stuff goes. Bold move Cotton indeed to lead out the gate with a 6 minute track.
But the "solo" at 4.29 can be deleted haha
Thing that's funny is Hunolt is 100% the reason why I have been waiting for this band. And in the lead up "press" on this; they praised the solo section specifically in this song. But I can't say as I agree with there really even being a section ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I still dig the song and overall vibe tho.
That's slamming! And has Brass. :banana

I like that ballsy move of intro'ing a song with Bass guitar and it not sounding like Tool or RHCP.
I don't always wish something stayed closer to the vest, but I did the second half of that song. :idk