Netflix Series About British Castles


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This is so cool. I love ancient architecture! I once ran a large project of a major restoration to a colonial home built in the 1700's, and I loved it!

@Orvillain , or any of you other Brits, have you ever been to any of these places? (Or anyone else.) The closest I ever came was when I was in a concert band touring Europe, and we took a boat ride down the Rhine in Germany, and we saw several castles, but the only one we got to visit was the one they modeled Disney World after. (Can't recall the name, but someone here probably knows.) But somehow I got very sick for just that day, so I stayed on the bus.
I’ll definitely check this out!

@Orvillain has definitely been to a few, pretty sure he Facetimed me from a dungeon where he had all his fleshlights chained up and was screaming at them while covering his entire body in sour cream and peanut butter. I’m normally down for that stuff, but the peanut butter/sour cream thing just freaked me the f*ck out.