My favorite gear channel/demos


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I found these guys while geeking out on vintage Strats a few months back and this dude they have doing the demos, Aaron Herbert, is a ridiculous player and more so, a ridiculous Strat player. He just knows how to play the perfect thing for the right pickup/pickup combination and I dig all his renditions of songs. I try ripping off this kind of playing, a bluesy take on a song, but man, it doesn’t sound like when he does it!

And you get to see some beautiful vintage guitars. While I don’t buy into the “vintage is better” thing, I’m a sucker for vintage Fenders.

Skip to 1:30 unless you want to hear about the guitar itself-

3:40 here-

I think it definitely helps that they aren’t looking to pimp a whole product line. And damnit, if my Deluxe Reverb sounded like the ones in these demos (I think he’s using one in the first vid) I wouldn’t be bitching at all! He’s generally always playing through a vintage Fender amp and mixes it up a bunch.