Jalen FW pick up ---- for the win


I recently picked up a Japan only RG2560MZEX in crimson red with a maple board. It was in japan and and had a H/S/H pickguard on it but I talked the seller down to a ridiculous price for . I've never seen another 2560 in this color with a maple board so I'm thinking either a spot model or a limited run.
I had Perle guitars make me a new H/S/S pickguard for it and decided to try one of these Jalen pickups. Duncan classic Stack+ in the middle and a Duncan 1/4 pounder in the Neck , push/pull volume pot to split the Jalen.
Man I'm glad I took the chance these pickups are fantastic, the FW obviously excels at the VH thing but it taps nicely and handles all different types of gain levels beautifully.
I used the RG at a gig 2 weeks ago and we cover a lot of stuff. the Fix, INXS SRV, Pat Travers, Dokken, Ratt, Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, Allman Brothers, Badfinger,
Rainbow, the tubes, Atlanta rhythm section , Genisis, Night Ranger, Autograph, Wings,, Mountain, Bad Co., ZZ Top basically all 70's and 80's rock, with a couple of 90's tunes thrown in.
Besides the songs I play slide on ( my les Paul) I played the entire gig using this guitar and it covered all of these different tones no problem.
I had been a BK Holydiver fan , for the "JB" type of bridge pickup but with those going for $200 a pop , I have gone more toward the Suhr Aldich and now this Jalen.
so any one looking for a smoother tighter alternative to a JB but still "jangly" enough to be a great lead pickup, I'd say give one of these a try.
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Sweet!! I’m also on the Suhr Aldrich train, I absolutely love that pickup and I doubt my LP will be the only guitar to get one!

Enjoy the gitfiddle!
just picked this up and I think the Aldrich I have sitting in the draw is going this one, or I may just grab another Jalen but I like a little variety, the Full shred is just way too bright for a Splawn, I need darker pickups for my rig.
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