Indie sounding pop/rock backing track


A bit jangly-er than what I would normally write but this is what spilled out of me after tuning to Double Drop D and putting a capo on the 2nd. Hence the Double Drop E sound. DDE is not far removed from standard so here and there are some cool chords. The chorus chord prog is laid bare at one point and it sounds a little bit different given the voicings.

There are a few sections to it so not sure what a lyricist/vocalist/top liner would do with it. The joins aren't too obvious. The outro is extra jangly for good measure. Got me Pete Townsend windmill out for that one!

Sonically it's not pretty. This is demo quality like I was using some sort of 4 track tape machine. The signal chain? That would be a Joyo Vox amp pedal thingy and an EHX Eddy I think. I did say indie!

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