how to reset Waldorf Iridium...or create My Waldorf account...

i bought a used Iridium from Guitar Center. It doesnt respond to aftertouch...other than to cut the output of whatever sound was being produced. I'm hoping it is user error, lack of knowledge on how to locate settings for AT etc etc. Most likely. I would like to just reset everything to eliminate any changes made by previous owner and the people who played with it in Guitar Center.
So I look online and the advice is go to "My Waldorf " to get the necessary files.
I go to Waldorf site and cant figure out how to create a new account! I promise I'm not stupid but it seems you have to have an account to access your account...makes sense...except how do you register as a new user?
Or how do you reset the damn thing?
Yea, did that, no joy. Then it somehow saved my email address without giving me an account so I tried the ‘forgot password’ routine but it said ‘someone already has that email’ so it wouldn’t send me a reset password link…
Bad day for me and technology. I got the synth working though and updated etc
Now it’s a good day for technology!
The Iridium is very cool, so much potential in that thing. I boxed up the Hydrasynth Explorer and Minilogue and listed them the next day.