How To Fix Stupid W/ Derp….I mean, Drew.


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I did something really dumb last night with the Aldrich pickup I bought for the Orville. When swapping the pickups out, the existing pickup height screws that were in the Orville were too big to fit the Aldrich. So, instead of looking in the pickup box to see if it came with it’s own, I grabbed a drill to widen the holes. First one came out perfect. Second one the bit got hung up on the metal and when it was all done spazzing in my hand, the hole was too big for the screw. F********cking sh*t.

I’ve seen people take an appropriate sized nut and solder it to the pickup tab, but that would require me to leave my house just to see out one, teeny little washer that’d probably take as long to locate as it would to drive to Home Depot. So I looked around my spare parts and saw I had some old humbuckers from who-knows-what that I won’t ever use for anything (they’re from a buddy’s Ibanez GIO or something). This is EXACTLY why I hang onto crap like that.


Then I made sure the holes lined up so the screw wouldn’t bind and break the solder once I had it installed and started adjusting it. Little filing and it was good to go.


Then the master craftsman soldering skills come into play!



Good as new! :rofl :rofl :rofl

Now that it’s on there, I’m not going to touch it until tomorrow or Monday because after last night I need more time to flush away my frustration. I put the old pickup back in last night and while it doesn’t sound bad, I just want a little more from it. Going to go learn some Zep tunes tonight and take advantage of the weaker pickup while it’s in there!