Holy shiiiiii……..looks like I’m getting a 70’s Fender Musicmaster….


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So my friend I worked with in the restaurant business for a while hit me up on FB and said “Drew, my mom had this in storage, it was my uncle’s who died 23 years ago, she wants me to pawn it. Do you know anything about it?”


I ask her for some more pics…


I do a serial number search and find that it’s a 72’ Musicmaster.

So I immediately text her “DO NOT BRING THIS TO A PAWN SHOP”, then give her the rundown. There’s a slight chance it could be an 80’s Samick as that also popped up with the serial number search, but based off what she’s telling me (that her uncle had it when he was a teen), I’m guessing it’s a legit ‘72. I sent her screenshots of what they’re going for on Reverb and gave her the rundown on how condition can effect it and I’d have to see the pots to know for sure that it’s definitely a 70’s Fender.

She goes “If it’s the real one would you give me $700 for it?”

I let her know if it’s legit and is in playable shape she can get almost 3x that for it and she said “I don’t care, I don’t want to list it and have it sit around forever, my mom just wants it gone.”

So I’m going to check this out this week and if it’s legit, I’m absolutely buying this thing.
I know nothing about this area of instruments but keep us updated!

Dude, I know Strats, Teles and 90’s/00’s Ibanez guitars, everything outside of that is random bits and pieces. I’m sure I’ve seen this before, but I’ve certainly never mouthed the words Musicmaster before or know a thing about them. It’s easy enough to verify the age of them thanks to the internet.
Those are fun; I played a similar bass through my college punk band. Played through a Crate amp with a 2-15 cab - a little low eq to boost the bass and just a little drive made some pretty good noise. Wish i had kept mine. Hope it works out for you.
Aren't you way too smart to play bass? :hmm
Well ever since I learned to play the A note, I've joined 3 bands already! It must be going really well, because all the band members keep saying I'm "a real A-hole."
I can’t be that smart because I actually completely forgot about this and haven’t spoken to the woman who has it in quite a while. I need to hit her up and see if she still has it.
Happy to help! :rofl

Looks damn cool to me, and if you love it - it's a fantastic "find"!!