Boogie pedals I wasn't aware of

I know, I know, "But the latency!"

I have a Grid Slammer and a Tone Burst. I’ve owned the Flux Drive as well. Mesa makes good pedals for sure, but they’re not groundbreaking or innovative, they’re just very good pedals. The Grid Slammer I used to push a rectifier on 2 different albums and thought it worked very well. Would a $40 TS clone do something similar? Yeah. It is basically a Maxon 808 with more mids? Yeah. But it’s still very good. The Flux drive was pretty similar, just with a little less mids and more gain on tap.

The real gem IMO is the Tone Burst. It has very little gain and doesn’t push an amp, but it does make just about any sound sparkle a bit, and that’s just fantastic. Any lead guitar sound I’ve recorded from an amp in the past 5-7 years has a Tone Burst in front of it. I like it in front of a clean channel way more than a Keely compressor or anything else.
I’m also finding I prefer the sound of preamp/od/gain pedals over the absolutely excellent ones in my Stomp

The Carcosa fuzz is especially nice to have… it can do the mild od thing as well as full on blow out sputtery gated madness…