Bogren stuff


So I grabbed the Bogren amp/bass sims during their 50% (+- whatever sale?) and I dig em.

Couple clips:


Random Bogren stems thing:


These are really good sims.

I like the bass, I like the Rev C.

For reference, most of what I use for amps are a Diezel Herbert and an Orange Dual Dark/Orange OR 15.

This RevC sim hangs with them both.

The bass sim is completely NASTY if you want it to be.

For the Crowbar tune I ran it dirty and mixed it with their clean sim and it turned out pretty nice.

For 15 yr old me I’d have almost murdered someone for these sims and the ease at which they work.

If you’re a metal guy or you want easy fantastic bass tones, try these, you’ll dig em.
Great clarity in the tones. Plenty of gain but sounds natural. I dig it \m/

Right? I have a bunch of sims I like to use; I’m a Mercuriall fan from way back and love their stuff but this is different and good.

Sounds great.

Thanks mang, appreciate that!

Gaddamn, dude, I rarely let these things take my interest these days due to the AxeFX but after hearing that I'm interested. That was f*cking beastly.

I hear you; I remember way back when I got the Axe II spending maybe 13 hours one day trying different presets, that thing was godly.

But fuck it, for $25 on their sale? One knob, use your own cabs, tuner, built in gate etc….figured why not try it out? I love Recto tones and this hits hard.

They have a free demo, give it a shot. You might love it!
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