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Actually, no, I know you have a brain and I wouldn't do it to you.

I used to love these tests on the other place but I've grown out of it real fast.
At first it was like "great my modeler was not a bad purchase", later became ":roll eyes:, oh boy another blind test", and then "Jesus, does this guy ever stop", and then "He must be desperate for that google paycheck".

Nobody makes videos about how modelers are DIFFERENT from each other, and analyze why they sound and feel different with the same settings and compare that to the real amps.
I am sick of youtubers in general, they look more and more like deceptive businessman than past time entertainment to me.
I hope The Gear Forum team will not allow such blatant self promotion and robbery of time and attention from our beloved community.

That'll be all, thank you for participating in my mental health session.
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I kind of agree.
Not that I don't like blind tests (ok like is maybe too much, let's say I find them entertaining and sometimes useful too) but the fact that youtubeing has become a work, a source of income and a way to sell stuff, changed how and why content is created.

I prefer straight commercial youtube channels, like anderton's for example, where you know that that's a shop and that they do create content to promote themselves and what they sell.

I also deeply hate channels that bash products not because the product is shit but because bashing generate lots of views and comments.
honest, intelligent opinions ONLY.

Is that your honest, intelligent opinion?

Oh crap, I no longer know which forum I'm on.

Gear vids; blind tests, reviews, demos, etc…..they’re ALL great, just fast forward past the talking. That’s why we’re making Blind Test posts sticky threads in every subforum.
I don’t care what it is, I’m just interested in hearing stuff sound good. In the context of good music it doesn’t matter so much but if it’s about the gear .. then please. Good tones. I’m not really a fan, but Joe B gives good rig rundown. That brief moment in the new one where he’s coming through those two tweed Twins, that’s pretty epic tone. And especially in digital, name brand and favorite products is no guarantee of sweet tones in demos. I’m not complaining, the stuff sounds great in use, but for whatever reason it doesn’t break hearts on the internet like traditional gear does. And no I’ve never heard a blind test based around a tone that I’d actually want to use for making music.

Most of the time I'm not in an appropriate situation to blast instrumental guitar music for critical listening on my cellphone so its never on my radar anyway
I like them, you just need to take them for what they're worth. Some are informative, some are entertaining, and some are just plain dumb. But almost always it's fun watching the replies and then the excuses when they guessed wrong :grin