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These guys deserve their own thread instead of posting in the newer music thread. They just put this one out today, it’s pretty gruesome so I’d be hesitant to watch it at work.

These guys are a trip. All killer musicians, they don’t take themselves seriously at all and they’re a blast live. Songs span from Type O to Lamb Of God to power metal to Bungle-type comedy, they’re all over the place. I saw them at a festival show and had no clue who they were, I had this song stuck in my head the rest of the weekend after they played-

Guitarists got a bunch of sick whammy bar riffs like that one. I believe they’re 100% Helix, live and the studio. Singer is all over the place with vocal styles and has gotten really f*cking good over the years, he’s ballsy for doing some of the stuff he does live and generally kills it.

Right after they got some decent tours and started breaking through to the bigger stages after putting out a killer album, they decided to release a concept album that was based off an inside joke. I guess everyone jokingly calls the guitarist with dreads “King”, so they wrote this whole goofy concept album around it…..and somehow got more popular. Their last album was a ripper and judging by the first song I posted above, the next one will be great as well.

I’ve seen them 4 time now with the most recent being this past July and they’ve never disappointed. They put on a tremendous show that’s not really reliant on props or visual movies, the whole band just oozes charisma.
The new album has been out a few weeks and is another ripper from start to finish! I listened to it on release day a couple times, it didn’t grab me as much, but I just listened again yesterday and found myself loving EVERY damn song!

This is my current favorite, which sounds like Janes Addiction going full on modern metal…..but still being Jane’s Addiction-

This band is so f*cking good they can play along Queensryche, Lamb Of God, Rammstein and Devin Townsend and not sound out of place at a single show.