AMPEG SGT-DI - The All-in-One Bass Box

Looks awesome + could easily load guitar IRs, and thus probably achieve V-series toanzzz.

Once again, no FX loop is a huge bummer, rendering headphones and XLR outputs almost unusable in many situations. Come on guys...

Y U no haz loop? :(
I’ve been looking to step my bass game up from using the stock Logic amp sims, this is pretty interesting versus buying a different plug. This looks really cool.

I highly recommend the SansAmp Bass Fly Rig instead. We've been using one live and in the studio for the last year and it's been nothing short of outstanding. Great tone, great fx loop, good effects, built-in tuner etc and it fits in her gig bag saves us from carrying a bass rig to gigs (my wife is my bass player so we usually had 2 amp rigs in the car, which is quite a lot so cutting it down to just one rig was a big help).