Amp went boom


I think I know the answer to this, but probably just need to be hit over the head with it a little.

My Fender Pro amp went pop then started putting out really low volume. I’m guessing power tube. They are 2 X 6L6 tubes. Without rebasing (amp only runs at like 28w or something odd like that) can I really hurt anything outside of the tubes if I just want to throw 2 tubes in to see if that is the issue?
Most likely ok for a quick test.

Edit - if the tube arced across two pins it will leave carbon traces on the socket that could cause it to arc again and take can take out another tube. At that point you have to replace the socket. Spray some cleaner and scrape between the pins at least.
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You can def just throw the tubes in and continue rocking. I'd play thru the amp while watching the tubes for about a half hour just to make sure they don't start redplating but otherwise it's all good
You don't have to bias them but at some point (sooner than later) you should to ensure you have proper voltages going to the tubes.
One of the things I've always hated about guitar amps that need to be biased is that they don't have an external pot that will allow you to bias the amp without having to take it out of its headshell or cabinet if its a combo amp. I have a Peavey JSX that allows me to bias the amp without having to take the amp apart because it has bias test points in the back of the amp along with a pot that allows me to dial the proper voltage when biasing it.

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