Zakk Wylde Spark Mini



I really despise Positive Grid as a company, especially because of the whole “let’s fund our products off of our customer’s preorder money” business model. And never needed a Spark. But the spark mini as an end table amp for fun was kind of enticing and I do like Zakk a lot - so the branded BLS model piqued my interest.

Talk me out of it if this is dumb… LOL.
Well the Spark amp is good Introduction to Modeling and good for beginners
and Im sure Zakk would not miss a Business opportunity
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I would buy a Leon Todd FM3 Turbo special edition, when available, comes with all those amazing Toanz and Presets, a fancy graphic of his cat, when you boot up your FM3 Turbo LT edition it greets you with a splash screen "G'day Legends !" and you get a free course package
Hint Hint Cliff

But how many times do you drop that meme as a response to a "leader" or someone from HR blabbing about the latest social experiment/mind f*ck?

I’ve dropped it in response to other management, as well as fighting kangaroos GIF. Luckily my boss isn’t an idiot, so I’ve never had to risk being insubordinate. Other managers though? I don’t give a fuck.

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