Who’s still doing amp mods?


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Thinking of getting the OR15H modded, maybe early next year. Whilst I know exactly what they sound like, I’m wondering what it’d be like with an upgraded OT and PT, from Mercury or something. Perhaps give the amp a bit more testicular fortitude and all. However, it looks like FJA is outta the game, and Voodoo isn’t accepting any work right now either. Emailed Dave Friedman, but he won’t touch Orange, for some reason.
I am not sure how much more muscle and heft you are gonna get out of a 2 x EL84 power
section---even if you swap OT and PT. Just sayin'. :idk
Maybe true. But there were already upgrade kits from Mercury for the Orange TT, and according to my Google travels, it made a positive difference.
Not sure if he is interested in doing work but he has the skillset nonetheless.