What's your main rig right now?

What's your main rig?

  • Boss (GT-1000, CORE, SY-1000, etc)

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  • Nux (MG-300, etc)

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It's been a while and I'm curious what the group here is using these days. What's the core of your main rig right now?
@metropolis_4 I mean... to which day of the week does this poll question pertain?

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My main thing is the BluGuitar Amp1 (Mercury) with a few pedals into a 1x12 Barefaced cab. Neo Creamback speaker.
Buuuuut, just the other night I found a killer sound with the Plexi 100W in the FM3 that is just.......unf.

Punchy and saggy at the same time, with the percussive lows and smooth highs that is doing everything I love about Marshalls.
100% my favourite amp model in the Fractal so far. Using the newish York IR package of a Marshall 4x12 with the two special V30s.
Awesome pairing. :rubshands
90% of the time my Axe III at home with studio monitors.. If I were doing your regular cover gig I'd bring the Axe, VHT 2/50/2 and two Barefaced 1x12"'s
For a heavier gig I'd do JCM800 with Jose mod, 4x12 and a handful pedals. :)
If you use an amp for amp tones and a modeler for effects I would say that would be a vote for "amp". If you use a modeler for amp tones into a power amp / cab I would say that would be a vote for whichever modeler you use for the amp tones