What would you do?


So I picked up this 1979 Gibson RD Artist for $679 bucks last year... It has the original moog pickups and is working. In fact I think thats why it was priced so low, it sounds like utter shit through a high gain amp, and squeals like a mofo. But when playing with the gain turned down quite a bit it has this super raw punk rock sound to it, hard to describe but pretty cool. However I'm very much a thrash metal dad type and would love to throw in a pickup more my speed.

Would you keep it stock with the moog pups to keep it all original? Or remove that ancient ass circuitry for something newer? :unsure:

Yeah I would swap out for something you like better and save the original parts. No sense in keeping it stock if it sounds like crap to you. Unless you don’t want to hassle with it then just flip it and get your money back.
That guitar is KILLER! LOVE the looks of it! Congrats. I would say swap out what you want and make it your own :satan
You can always reinstall the original electronics.

The only reason not to is if you’re worried about resale value
Thanks for knocking some sense into me guys lol...

It's weird, for some reason I do worry about the resale value on most of my gear... but here is the thing.. I never sell my gear, its rare if I do. I've only sold a few amps cause it was overlap with other amps but other than that I kind of hoard my gear... I really need to break away from thinking about the resale value it seems. Thanks again! 🤙
I get it and used to be the same way. But then I finally got the nerve to swap out pickups on one guitar and hardware on another and found I finally PLAYED them instead of just looking at them lol.

So that helps. I guess it all depends on if you are keeping it to play or as a collector piece. But for this one you have - it’s really cool so make it sound as good as it looks. That’s my vote. 😊