What size heel width, 2 3/16 or 2 1/4 ?


Since the body is cut for a 2 3/16th neck pocket I would assume to go with that dimension for a new neck but I have been reading that there can be a lot of variances and going with a neck with a 2 1/4 dimension allows you to get a super tight fit on a body cut for a 2 3/16th dimensioned neck by allowing you to shave off the excess wood a little bit at a time until you get that perfect fit .

Are these people crazy ? What has been the experience of people who have ordered replacement necks and having them fit perfectly ?

Much appreciated
Generally my experience has been go with a 2 and 3/16” neck heel to go with the pocket. 2 and 1/4” is Charvel/Jackson spec. Personally I wouldn’t want to be bothered with shaving off excess to get a perfect fit when a neck could fit just as well with the right spec heel from the get go. I’m not a luthier so I don’t feel the need to go thst in depth, nor am I a good wood worker.