Well, it’s here. The 5153 with the additional EVH 2X12 cab.


Just waiting on some back-ordered Creamback 75’s to put in the bottom 2x12. Got Creamback 65’s in the top one.

This is either going to be a spectacular end-run around the BE-100 deluxe… while netting me two 2X12‘s. Both being loaded with my choice of Creambacks…. For less cost altogether, or…

My best fail ever! I’m kinda stoked about putting this all together and then hitting that first chord, palm mute and pinched harmonic in no particular order.

I’m sorry @Whizzinby… you must still buy the Friedman SS V2. Let us know your results please.

Just crank it to an obnoxious level to play it for a few minutes until someone complains, then just tell them you were learning where the volume knob was but kept getting it wrong.
Sounds like a plan! Teach me your evil HOA workarounds for new Condo owners\100 watt guitarists. Set the interwebs straight.
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Gonna put a Source Audio EQ2 in the loop for tweaking and still come under budget on the BE-100 DLX alone. Noise gate and EQ…

So pretty even with one cab.