We haven’t gotten there yet….


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But give us another year! We’re still establishing our baselines, so far we got Mesa’s being the amp of the forum and a general consensus that all modelers are cool, pickles is the new member greeting, etc, we’ve got plenty more to establish!

For the record, I would never let that happen to a new member.

Huhuhhuhuh huh uh huhuhuh, member.

(Stolen from @andergtr FB, thanks brother!)
Haha! I played in a House Band that used to also serve as the backing band for the once a month open mic,
and one time a guy brought a stereo rig with him, set up each amp on each side of the room, and let it rip.

Yup. He also stayed up with the rest of the band after he played his 2 songs he requested via the list until
we took our next break. :facepalm

We'd pat a lot of backs and be encouraging to those who were cool to hang out with and brought a little
something to the party. His something was not something we patted him on the back for. :wat