We got some weather!


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Just heard we’re now in a tornado warning in Ft. Lauderdale! I’ve seen a few of them over the years, but they’re just tiny things that pop up a few feet off the ground, carry into the air and dissipate. I’m in the ass-clenching point right now and will remain this way until this tropical storm/possible cat 4 hurricane travels north of us.

Just a lot of drizzling right now, but you can feel it in the air, we’re going to get walloped tonight/tomorrow. Today’s going to be a live-test of how fast my staff can button up a 500,000 sq foot campus and get everything not bolted to the ground inside!




(That’s the top of the new soccer stadium they built and opened right as covid hit. Between the building in the forefront and the stadium is the Executive Airport, where the 9/11 terrorists took flight lessons)
do you guys remember that guy who went out in a hurricane and was screaming slayer songs?


dont do that.

My ex-girlfriend and I tried walking to 7-11 in Hurricane Wilma; we walked out of the apartment, walked about 15 feet, saw a tree go flying up the street ahead of us and turned right the f*ck around. :rofl

I’ve been through a few of these over the years. I’m more concerned about the property I run as I live on the 2nd floor of a cement apartment building and it’d take a lot to f*ck up my building, but I’m the one who has to fix everything at work if this thing wreaks havoc. This is precisely why I buy my remediation and roofing vendors half-gallons of vodka instead of liters for the holidays; it bumps us up the priority list after hurricanes!
Stay safe. Moving to Vero in several months. Keep things bolted down for me down there.

Vero is a nice, chill area and just south of where the mullets are popular. (Not joking, wait until you have to go to Palm Bay or Melbourne for something)

High category 4 this morning :nails

Yeah, we had two tornadoes touch down over night in Broward. A couple small prop planes were lifted up and thrown at each other at a smaller airport. It’s actually really chill right now but the wind and rain were heavy this morning so I called off my staff who has to drive more than 20 minutes, it’s just not worth them driving up from Miami only to drive back down later.

The whole property is a ghost town so I’m sending the rest of my staff home in 10 minutes then sending out an e-mail that our tenants are on their own today and they’re now at their own risk. The majority of our tenants are working from home, but a few actually demanded their staff come in. That blows my mind, man. I’m hoping once they get my e-mail they send everyone home because one day of work isn’t worth anyone’s life.

It’s not even so much the weather right now, but the mentality of people down here gets a bit shaken and it can be a bit wild west on the roads during storms like this.