Warm, Windy Fall Days are Good for One Thing


Removing cig smells from amp heads…

Picked up this little beauty last year from a guy in California for $1550 and it had just a touch of cig smell. All but gone now after a few nice days in the sunshine and after today there should be just about zero trace. Sunshine (UV) and wind work wonders for removing slight cig smoke smells. Amp is in absolutely excellent condition otherwise.

God I love Mesa amps. The painted chassis and overall build quality kick ass and then you flip it on, turn it up and they just crush!

2016 Dual Rec. Blackout


They're also good for cranking that bad boy on the back porch and listening to the echo off the trees. Ask me how I know! WHAT a glorious sound.

Years back, while driving through Vermont’s mountains, we came to a clearing and my dad goes “Andy, wouldn’t it be cool to get up there with a Mesa full stack and crank the sh*t out of it?”

He’s a drummer, but he gets it. :rofl