Vongon Polyphrase

These dudes seem to be killing it lately.

I need to go full hippy and buy the Paraphrase, Ultrasheer and Paragraphs.

Faaaaaak they need to stop making awesome time based effects, like all the companies. I haven’t even caught up with everything available right now. Really cool sounds in this, gonna have to add it to my list of delays to look into!
Do you get credit hours at PTU for owning it?

Dear candidate,

Thank you for your interest.

PTU only offers certifications for devices with LED screens and excessive sub-menu structures, at this time.

As always, check back in to see what exciting courses we add in the future.


Daryl T. Darnell
PTU Senior Enrollment Advisor
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Ooooph that sounds FUN. Been meaning to try the Ultrasheer as well
Only the Soundtoys plugin inspired by it, and by the very nature of it being a plugin that's none of that tactile knob wrangling that makes the Prime Time so fun!