(Un)Official Fractal Preset sharing thread.

I thought this might be cool. Or not. But there are a few Fractal enthusiasts here, so I though I'd post this preset I worked on for the last couple days. Being someone who mostly played in cover bands, I've never been accused of being original. :eek:

So I started with Leon Todd's recent High gain amp preset. Chunk x 4.

Here's @2112's video.

I added a second amp block with 4 more amps and panned them hard left and right. Scenes 1,3,5 and 7 are rhythm.
Scenes 2,4,6 and 8 are the corresponding lead scenes.

I dialed it in with a 2 humbucker Tele with DiMarzio 36th Ann pups.

(OK, you can't upload .syx file here) I uploaded to Axechange here:

You can also get it directly through the Axechange on the editor. User name Khan under the FM9 category. It should also work fine on an Axe-FX III.
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