The Pineapple Thread


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I love pineapple.

I eat it with my morning yogurt:

I just made some stuffed poblano peppers, topped with salsa containing, you guessed it, pineapple:

I mix pineapple juice with my post-workout drink mix. I’m known to make a mean pineapple chicken curry.

Banana splits, pineapple upside-down cake. I also, dare I say, enjoy it on my pizza!

What are your favorite ways of enjoying pineapple?
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I love fresh pineapple and if I don’t stop myself, if I go through the hassle of skinning and cutting a fresh one, I’ll eat the whole damn thing in one shot. The Publix next to me sells them cored/skinned and often have to sell them buy one, get one and I’ll just stick the whole thing on a fork and eat it like a turkey leg. And then eat a sh*tload of tums to fight the oncoming heartburn.

There’s a burger joint nearby that has a bunch of craft burgers, my favorite one is their Friendly Ghost burger, which has a ghost pepper pineapple chutney that is :chef