Sunn o)) Amps Comeback...?


Something's brewing...

A quick whois search says the URL is still owned by Fender. We'll probably know more in early August.

That said, who doesn't want to go back to 1995 and lugging big-ass tube amps! My body is ready. LOL

Anyhow, if it is what I think it is, it'll certainly be freaking expensive. And my wallet definitely is not ready. At all.
I saw a post on this in the Sunn FB group. Definitely interesting. I always wondered if Fender was ever going to do anything with that franchise other than let it die lol. Will they rerelease Model T's? Or make all new amps? I wonder if they will expand on the Sunn Enforcer amp that never really got any spotlight. And will the original Sunn amps go up in value, or go down? :unsure:
I'd guesstimate we'll at least see a re-release of the more popular models, but since it's Fender, there's a chance they'll screw up and give us another run of V3 Model T's, which are closer/similar to the ill-fated "Evil Twin".

How about a Beta Lead RI? That could float some boats for sure.

Personally, I'd be very happy with an (affordable) Tonemaster interpretation of the V1 or V2 Model T, but I doubt that's ever gonna happen.
Interesting!! I always GASd so hard for a Model T during my doom years...

I had both a concert lead and a 200s during that time too. The 200s kicked ass with a fuzz...

ancient clip:

Man; Tone Wicker Muff is a GREAT pedal. This vid sounds excellent \m/
Here is some fukery with my Sunn Enforcer from two years ago... such a cool amp.

Dude! That Dunwich into the Sunn is :satan
One day left.

As of now, it looks like they're reissuing the 100W Solarus head (Hendrix played one), along with a dedicated cab.

Who knows, maybe the future brings us a proper V1 Model T RI. Probably expensive AF tho.

Amp on top of fender is a Sunn solid state 2x12 … beamy and loud. 1986? Gigged those amps for a bit.
The comeback is here, 100s, 200s, betas, concert leads (although I’m a bit confused on what these are? Not the same as the concert lead head I used to have)

200s looks pretty spot on to the original. Curious what the price point on these will be