Ryan Knight returns to Black Dahlia

ill be there if anyone wants to grab a beer and mosh
I wish I could go. Never seen them but have always wanted to. Taking only how good I know they are individually; that twin guitar team is going to be about as good as really anything available in metal.
I saw them open for LoG years ago and they were GREAT. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get into their music until about a year ago for some reason.

Just read about this on my lunch break and it’s really one of the more endearing solutions to something like this I’ve ever read about; their drawing their family in tighter in a tough time and pushing through. The shows will surely be a huge therapy session for the band and fans.
tickets acquired!!!! cant wait. was at st andrews a few months back for cattle decap but that was downstairs, i think this is going to upstairs.
I always loved Knight's work with them

This shits so depressing tho

I honestly wonder if we might still have Trevor with us if Parkway Drive weren't little tour cancelling bitches. They were supposed to be on tour and playing that night....
holy shit ppl are trying to sell these tickets for 900-1000 each now lolololol. i paid 25 yesterday.

dont they know people who like death metal are mostly all broke hahaha, no one is going to pay that much.
That show last night was pure insanity. Really good energy, really fun times.

We got up super close. The pit was wicked and I sent up my buddy Calvin crowd surfing a bunch of times.

Brian did really well. I was impressed. Could tell that they had heavy hearts, Trevor will def be missed so much but I'm glad they are continuing to play music.

Black Dahlia in Detroit is something to experience. First note to last was electric and people were super rowdy. It was a lot of fun.
Oh shit! That's awesome! This came up quick. Sounds like it was a great show. I bet it was probably super emotional for them.