On the topic of the Mesa Badlander


I offer up two somewhat-decent recordings I have of it. In this video, you’ll hear rhythm guitar, pushed clean, and a solo with it. Most guys that demo an amp just play rhythm guitar parts, so why not include a bit more? That was my thought when I put this together. Rhythm and lead are the Crush mode with a Grid Slammer boosting it, cleans are the clean channel with the gain at about 3 o’clock, no boost in front.

This second clip is a full song I recorded recently with a singer friend of mine. 8 string, Ibanez guitar throughout, though not played in a djent-style fashion as I’m more of a classic metal guitarist. This is just a SC post for now, we’re both not sure how far we’ll take this project, but this song is fun. The Badlander is the rhythm and lead guitars, both in Crush mode with an SD1 out front. The cleans are all from my FM9.

For me, I get more out of this amp that fits my playing and style than just about any other amp I’ve played.
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Very nice! :headbang

Great playing and sounded great as expected. Also - I like that HR Geiger guitar!
Watched the first clip but am waiting to get home to listen to the 2nd one on good speakers, as good sh*t deserves to be played on good sh*t.