Old Skewl ‘80s Rig


Rock Star

Circa 1984?

Fender super reverb combo w 4x10” speakers on bottom. A super beamy Sunn 2x12 combo on top. I always felt bad for the poor suckers in the audience that sat in front of that thing.

I see my old boss and MXR peddleboard.

That Ibanez was a trade-in on a guitar that was too good to be true. Years earlier I had bought a fender tele deluxe on the cheap. But those Ibanez humbuckers sounded great.

Four years later when I brought the tele d into the music store to sell, apparently it had been stolen. I’ve been gigging with that plank the entire time, publically in town! 😳
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That’s awesome. Wish I were into guitar back then. Didn’t pick it up until after college and missed all that woodshedding time when I was a kid lol.