NPDx2 - Neunaber Illumine and Meris LVX


Why? Because I hate myself and want to learn oddly-programmed menus. I already talked about the Illumine a bit in another thread, but Meris, we absolutely have to have an intervention. To everyone at Meris, thank you for finally making a pedal where the 3rd or 4th function of a knob can be found on a screen without guessing WTF it does, but seriously... bubbles? Why bubble menus? Why do the LED lights turn off when I press them? Wait, why can i press LED lights on a device that already has 4 buttons and 6 knobs?! Super powerful device, it sounds amazing, and I can't wait to go through the 8 week certification course bootcamp to use it.

Seriously, Rocktron nailed the menu thing in 1995. Go use a Chameleon or Intellifex, menu scroll, parameter scroll, store/compare button. Stop. Making. This. Hard.

Having said that, both of these pedals are top of the line and the Neunaber kills every reverb I've owned while the LVX does everything the Timeline can do plus a million more cool oddities.

Here's a pic, complete with a Donner noise gate so no one confuses me for someone with any class:

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