Now that I have your attention, heres some more tech I can't figure out


iTunes, specifically for windows. I get a lot of advanced copies of music that are digitally watermarked (somehow, who the hell knows if its just a threat) and I want to load them on my computers iTunes and listen on the road. It has been expressed to me its VERY important leaks don't happen. Seems like the only way to put music on my phone anymore is by "sharing" from my PC across all my devices, but its unclear to me who else may have access to this. I can't tell if my playlists are public and there are 7 million settings I really don't care about. Why isn't this just drag and drop like it was 30 years ago onto a 256 MB MP3 player? Here we are today making shit needlessly harder than it needs to be.

I. Am. Beyond. Frustrated. With. This. Bullshit.
Dont use iTunes if you’re not using more than one Apple product is what I would recommend.
How I use iTunes
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