New Mixer Day!!!

la szum

I really want one of those, so that I can be bothered to make pizza dough every day!

I keep putting it off as "too expensive", though...

And then buy a boutique amp and 2 FAS products :rolleyes:


I hope that pizza dough will be made in this one (?)
What is the first thing I am mixing? Only one guess needed. :chef

I was super tired of trying to mix and knead by hand. And the
results were not the best. This is so nice. 2 days and both days
I have mixed up some batches of Pizza Dough. Proofing for 48
hours and then into the Freezer so I can have homemade dough
on hand at all times. :banana

My first batch should be ready for a pizza tonight.
Oh, and that Ibanez Prestige AZ I had bad luck with, and sent back, well, it helped
finance this mixer, a few books, and a new mattress/bed.

My gigging days are largely over, but my sleeping, making pizza, and reading days
are in their Prime! :rofl