ML Amped Flagship 2.0

Just a quick recommendation...

I purchased the updated "Amped Flagship" plugin from ML Sound Lab today, which is an emulation of three Friedman amps. The demo is really annoying, because it mutes the sound every couple of seconds and it's really hard to get the right feeling for the sound this way. But well, for 50 EUR I decided to just give it a try and honestly I am very impressed. The high gain rhythm sound I get out of the JJ Lead model with basically all controls at noon (except the gain a little higher) and the classic TS boost in front is very, very good. Will have to fiddle with all the little switches of the BE model a little more, but so far I am really pleased with my purchase. Version 2 now supports Apple Silicon natively and it runs very well on my M1 iMac - a little bit more CPU hungry than Helix Native but still very reasonable.
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