@low volumes, is it worth upgrading to QSCcp8 (from Headrush)


So I went to GC and walked to the counter like a boss and said “two QSC cp8s please”
The clerk promptly pointed to the section to my right, where I proceeded and then stood there for an hour.

I walked out empty handed.

every sign points to the QSC being much better but I think maybe it is better at venue volumes.

IF we are strictly talking about bedroom volume, would you upgrade? Will I feels more feels? Will my tone be more creamy? Or brown?

Seriously now I do have studio monitors but I like the 8” speaker. So before I’m told that this topic has been beaten to death remember I am talking about bedroom playing.

Note: I hate the look of the headrush(vanity)
I'd say if you are just playing in a bedroom studio monitors will suffice and you won't get the full use out of a powered amp.

Could always get some Yamaha HS8s? 8 inch speakers but more so for studio use afaik