King Gizzard and The lizard Wizard


They've already released 3 albums this year. Checking out Omnium Gathering right now and digging it so far.

I wanted to hate this band for so long, and they have several albums that are complete skips for me

but then they also have several albums that are just fucking incredible. Resistance was futile

Very interesting band, and few bands out there are so prolific and varied in there sound. I did not opt to see them at red rocks earlier this week, which I'm starting to regret. I also missed mars volta, incubus and animals as leaders, and slift all in the last few days so I'm really dropping the ball here

Any other Gizz fans?
As someone who enjoys jambands, I've been told I should love them. Listened to a few shows on Relisten, and while they are definitely unique, nothing has really grabbed me.
I dig the name? Have not heard them. Though when you say jamband; I am not generally the target audience. Any recommendations I should check out as far as albums/songs?
I guess they do a lot of jamming live (I have yet to see them) but I definitely wouldn't call them a jamband in the traditional sense of what you might be thinking....

I'd put them more in the modern psyche scene. Recommendations can be challenging, as they have 22 albums... all that have come out in the last 10 years :rofl

And those albums are allll over the place. A lot of the early stuff is more like garage/ppsyche rock which I don't care much for and they also have like infest the rats nest which is kinda thrashy, but I don't care much for that album either. I tend to gravitate more towards their Prog and more chill stuff. I think Polygonwanaland is my favorite album. Nonagona infinity is pretty cool too. Quarters and fishing for fishies are both cool chiller vibe stuff

I'm really enjoying Omnium Gatherum which is one of the ones that came out this year. First track is a 16 minute psyche rock banger, and then a few tracks in there's suddenly a meshuggah-ish groove song lol

Interesting band. Creative and prolific for sure
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