HW Neve 1073 vs UAD vs Lindell

The HW is:

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Doing this as a blind test first, because thats the sort of wanker I am at the moment.

Curves matched as close as possible with plugin doctor. A, B and C are constant throughout.

The HW is a boutique Polish builder who made a small run a while back. This came out of Snap Studios. All the good stuff, 3xCarnhill's, beefy external PSU, Elma switches etc.

I love HW but I basically only mix in the box. I suspect others here may be curious if they are missing out by not having THE SOUND OF ANALOG. Lets see if you can pick out that analog magic.

can stream files here: https://samply.app/p/DNTTRRu25KvzDM0Z6zQk

or download:

Happy to share the plugin doctor screenshot after the fact, I think in theory someone could use it to decode which is which.
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bump, few more days before the poll closes. here’s how close the EQ curves matched.