Help. USB track clipping badly at ???


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Ok, I haven’t used the DAW in 20+ years easily… And I’m sure I’m messing the shit up. Need help please.

DAT machine on top, sending digital audio via AES to fractal audio AES converting to FAS USB channels 7/8 to MSFT Surface pro4 w/ Audacity.




Even with the DAW at -18 dB down I get mass of clipping somewhere on the laptop. It’s barely a laptop so I think that’s likely the issue. 4 GHz processor, but I don’t trust the I/O.

Everything sounds pristine going in, but when it prints it’s clipped. When you play back it’s distorted.

Is there a setting that I missing somewhere guys?

There is an Apple iPad Pro with a new M1 chip around here somewhere but I don’t know how to get it the USB from the Frctol unless I go get a hub which I’ve heard of problematic. Thoughts?
Got it.

Glen, over at the fractional form suggested I looked at the output of the ax effects. Sure enough it was clipping.


Once identified easily fixed.

Here is the first tape that I was willing to record. The transports will still munch tape if you use the rewind button, but it turns out the jog/shuttle will do nicely until I’m finished.

Glad you got it sorted. Forgot to bring my buds to work. Sitting in the midst of napping preschoolers so can't listen to anything this afternoon :columbo