Fender Compugilist is legit!


Anyone looking for a good “transparent” compressor and a very dynamic articulate drive combo - definitely give this a look. The compressor might be too transparent if you want something Ross like but it has a nice feel to it. The drive part really impressed me. Would love to know what its based on. Surprisingly low gain for being called a “Distortion”. The tone control is really versatile too. Not your typical fair. Of course they stack well too :)
Nah, waiting for Josh Scott to make an episode about it.
LOL would you settle for Josh Smith?

But I’m thinking JHS probably will, there are only so many ways to inflate pedal prices. ;)
But some of those Fender pedals are really good (like the TreVerb and the Pelt) and some go for pretty cheap used. I got my Pugilist off Reverb for $99 and there were quite a few in that range.