Drum software alpha testers


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Hey you crass sods.

When I'm not being a nuisance on here, I'm being the product owner for BFD Drums. I'm looking to expand our alpha test team for some new software we are working on. Anyone who is interested in testing super broken and super experimental builds of new drum software, please private message me and we'll do the thing with the thing.
Best of luck with the new BFD dude. I was a early BFD1 user. You guys kicked the shit out of Superior 1 with that first release.
I’m not currently in a position to commit enough time or a computer to this, but I would have been really interested when we were between drummers. We used EZ Drummer for our last EP and I did the tracking and mixing.

Thanks for asking (y)
Man I'd love to check that out... I usually do some form of recording every week and I'm actually a drummer that owns a shit load of guitar gear lol.
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