Dope R&B tune


I got a notice the other day from Michael Nielsen's YouTube page that he posted a new video. I clicked on it to see what he is up to and it was an announcement for a new TH-U preset package he put together for Overloud. They are currently running a $29 sale on it and get this, it comes loaded with all of the gear SIMs/models/captures he used to make the presets.
It's called Rock Gods BHS Iconic Tones Vol 2.

No brainer right? That's what I thought too as I clicked on the link to purchase it.

BTW it's awesome and his presets and demo playing totally badass!

There are a load of open slots you can use to set up your own presets. I used Michael's "Vai DLS Fools Rush In" which is based on the Carvin X100B with a few pedals and a rack EQ and tweaked some settings. If you like to get your '80/'90s hair band jams on this is definitely for you but since everything in it is tweakable it covers a lot more ground than just that.

I used it in this R&B collaboration tune and it was totally cool.