Does this site hide the standard menu bar on Android?

Dave Merrill

Like I can't see the URL where I am, close this tab, or switch to any other open tabs, only navigate to other places on this site.

I know it's not inherent XenForo behavior, since it doesn't happen on for instance the Fractal forum site.

If it's a choice someone made, please consider this a strong downvote.

If it's something I've done myself, apologies for the rant, please explain how to get out of this mode.
Nope, works fine for me.
Actually it even works better than TheOtherPlace™. Over there none of the font controls work, also adding pictures, meda, smilies... Over here everything works fine.
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It appears that if I type in this URL it works normally, but if I save it to my home screen, it opens in some sort of restricted mode. Tried that with some other sites and that didn't happen.

Android, Google Chrome user.

Scrolling down makes the Chrome menu bar disappear, scrolling back up makes it reappear. Showing the keyboard keeps the chrome menu bar in focus