Covers that people will dance to but rock?


More specifically a hit song that you can rock out but people will immediately recognize yet give you as a rocker some leeway to remake in a modern (non chugga) style?

Could be classic motown -Nowhere to run to, or Buddy miles 'them changes' or whatever. Just not brown eyed girl or mustang sally lol!
Carol King's 'I feel the earth move' has been done by the boys in Dokken and Paul Gilbert as another example

Discuss and make suggestions!
There was a cover band I used to watch would mix in a few like Pour Some Sugar on Me, Shook Me All Night Long, Feel Like Making Love, Purple Rain and the like that people there to dance really seemed to enjoy. The venue required Mustang Sally, Sittin on the Dock of the Bay, Brown Eyed Girl and those sorts too, so at junctures the crowd was ready to rock too. But the had a really good guitar player and an extraordinary singer, and everything they covered they covered energetically and well.
One of the cover bands around here does a few songs by Bruno Mars and that always gets the girls up and shaking it.
Band I was in back in the day used to do Dean Martin's Little Ole Wine Drinker Me as a kind of blues/boogie shuffle. People seemed to like it. 😊
The OP said songs that people will immediately recognize, but I cannot recognize even the band names of most of the songs already mentioned 😅

Yes, was just mentioning the ones we do.

Though I will say, singing those songs does fry my voice a bit, for a few songs after. Astbury's vocals are harder than they seem!

For sure, that's probably a reason his voice sounds the way it does now, lol...