Charity guitars! It is worth a look.


I was just involved with looking after and working on a set of guitars that were donated by Fender, Gibson and others to a charity a good friend of mine is on the board of.
The plan was to call friends get signatures.
My friend’s brother is a music producer and between them they have a good contact list.

I don’t think I know of any guitars that have more A list musicians on them ever.
It was a fun project to be involved with.
Oh the backs are covered too.

This is part way , there wasn’t much room left in the end.
So what happens next? And will there be a way for the eventual owner to know who all signed their guitar?
The reserve on each guitar is $200k
There will be a list with each guitar and they are basically all sold.
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It’s for ‘Teen cancer America’ it’s a charity that Pete and Roger ( the Who ) set up.
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