Carr amps


Anyone own or play a Carr amp before?

There's a used Bloke 50W 1x12 combo available near me. Supposed to be his take on a 70s Marshall. Very simple, no effects loop, one gain knob with a high/low toggle, shared eq, two master volumes, single button footswitch. Some kind of connection to the Marshall “Pig” circuit, I've read, separate bass circuit that keeps it tight. EL34s or 6v6s (I'd use the former).

I don't love it in this demo, but the guy's playing is a bit hyperactive/hurried, for me.

I also don't love 1x12 combos, but could be a cool setup with a 1x12 extension cab underneath it. (I think if it was a head, I'd have already bought it by now.)

(To be honest, my two months in Fractal-land has left me a bit spinning and craving something real and just dead super simple… :grin)
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Carr amps are well built/high quality. Not familiar with that model. I’ve heard the Mercury is supposed to do the Marshall thing pretty well.
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