Bringing The Foo: New Foo Fighters

I have to assume Dave is on the record, and live is likely going to be Josh Freese.

Sounds good, not breaking any new ground, but don't really have to after 30 years. Happy they are still going.
Damn, I got some stuff to check out tonight!

Just learned their version of “Baker Street” last night, I’d never heard it previously, it’s f*cking great! Definitely anxious to play that one live!
Cool! I had the Gerry Rafferty album on vinyl in 1978-9 whatever. Still can see the cover in my mind.
Like a lot of people I was disappointed (at 12 years old!) that it was the only decent song on the
entire album. :LOL:

You doing the Sax? Need any tips from JT? :idk
I pity the Foo who doesn't listen to this!


I'll see myself out...